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Human Trafficking Resources

The best way to help combat Human Trafficking is to learn more, raise awareness, and make an impact on demand. There are endless resources available; these are just a few of our favorites.

Disclaimer - as you learn more about this subject and its related activities and consequences, please keep in mind your own limits and as always, keep this type of material away from children.


PA General Assembly ACT 105

PA Alliance Against Trafficking in Humans (PAATH)

The PA Coalition Against Rape (PCAR)

The PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV)

The Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST)

PA Crime Victims (PA.GOV)

York County

York County Department of Human Resources

York County Community Foundation

Documentaries & Movies

Our Top Pick - a must watch for every adult! Look Again: Sex Trafficking in your Own Backyard-Elizabeth Melendez Fisher

The Girl Next Door by Andrea Pico (26 minutes) WATCH *How an American teen, Theresa Flores, survived sex trafficking *This Documentary is also 2 books: The Slave Across The Street AND the teen version, Slavery in the Land of the Free - A Student's Guide to Modern Day Slavery, both by Theresa Flores

In Plain Sight by Natalie Grant *Interviews of survivors, lawmakers, caregivers, and others leading the fight against Human Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) *The critical role members of the trucking/travel plaza industry have in the fight against Human Trafficking

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls by Benjamin Nolot  *Hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends in modern sex slavery

The Abolitionists fletchet Entertainment *A team from Operation Underground Railroad go undercover to liberate children

The Dark Side of Chocolate - WATCH NOW by Miki Mistrati & U. Roberto Romano *Child labor trafficking in the chocolate industry


In Our Backyard: Human Trafficking in America and What We Can Do To stop It by Nita Belles         

The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors   of Sex Trafficking  by Mary Frances Bowley *This book will help you understand the need Sparrow Place hopes to help fill in York County!

Renting Lacy: A Story of America's Prostituted Children by Linda Smith with Cindy Coloma    

Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman, M.D.

The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk *The effects of trauma and we highly recommend this one

Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution by Rachel Moran *A must if you want to understand why a prostituted person is a victim and not a criminal

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah *Understanding the creation, rescue, and rehabilitation of a survivor


Did you know? That favorite t-shirt you're wearing, that cup of coffee you're drinking, the computer you're using to browse this website...that 'stuff' could all come from materials that have a hand in slavery. If you want to know how much YOU personally contribute to the demand for labor trafficking, click here to find out - how many slaves work for you?


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