The Solution - Our Program

The Solution - Our Program

Ask a better question.
Instead of “What’s wrong with you?” or “Why are you doing this?”...ask “What has HAPPENED to you?”
— The National Center for Trauma-Informed Care

The First Step

As we continue our path to open a voluntary restoration program for sexually trafficked and prostituted women, we recognize the first step, the hardest step, will take place before we get involved; when a victim chooses to become a survivor.

To reach for help a victim must first acknowledge that she needs help. There are many reasons why this is so difficult – she hasn’t consciously become aware of the abuse, she is resistant to being told what to do, she is overwhelmed and believes that hope for change is out of reach, or, for her own protection, she has detached and is rationalizing why “it’s OK” because to recognize what her current circumstances are would be agonizing. 

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Once that door is cracked and she arrives at Sparrow Place, we'll be able to help.