Our Candidates - by Referral

Our Candidates - by Referral

Every time you celebrate an article that reads, "...10 rescued and three arrests" pause and consider what happens to those men, women, and/or children. If they don't have family to return to, where do they go? A homeless shelter? Back onto the street to be re-victimized? Does a nation so full of modern day slavery have enough restoration housing to provide complex trauma care for the violently and repeatedly assaulted population that exists?

Something else to think about, many times the place a victim was recovered is not the best place for them to heal. We must, and will, be prepared to engage with a network of safe homes.

The ideal candidate for our program is a woman who is:

  • between the ages of 18–40
  • a survivor of sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation*
  • a U.S. citizen or foreign national trafficked within the U.S.
  • conversant in English
  • biologically female
  • not under imminent threat from others
  • not a lethal threat to herself or others
  • not actively addicted (at least 30 days clean and sober)
  • willing to do the hard work it will require to have a new life

*A survivor of sex trafficking or commercial exploitation is a person who...

...was compelled to provide sexual services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.
...engaged in commercial sexual exploitation - i.e. pornography or stripping,  through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.
...engaged in survival sex, meaning provided sexual services in exchange for basic needs -  i.e. food, shelter, safety.




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